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    What can change in a day?

    24 Hours of Reality is a live global event covering the climate crisis in every region of the world. On this day of action, we stand up together and demand real solutions to the greatest challenge of our time. Over the course of this multi-media event, world leaders, scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes discuss the shared challenges facing our planet caused by carbon pollution and point the way toward a better tomorrow.

    It’s a day when climate change becomes a personal priority for people everywhere and when audiences become activists. When the world comes together and embraces the reality that there is no challenge we cannot overcome.

    Storm image: © 2010 Sean Heavey


    A Brief History of the event



    On September 16 & 17, 2014, The Climate Reality Project broadcasted the fourth annual live-streaming multimedia show dedicated to sparking action on climate change. Throughout the program we shared 24 reasons to be hopeful about our future, and encouraged everyone around the world to commit to a day of climate action.


    What You Can Do

    Watch & Share Watch this video and share it with your network.

    We all know the bad news when it comes to climate change. What most people don’t know is that there is also a lot of good news. In this video we explore some of that good news, like the fact that real solutions exist and that we’re already seeing the benefits of them.  


    Dedicate a Day



    The effects of dirty weather events rip through the cities, towns, and communities of the world, costing us all more than we can afford. We are already paying the price of carbon pollution in dollars, in lives and livelihoods, and in every way imaginable

    In fall 2013, 24 Hours of Reality: The Cost of Carbon brought this truth home and invited millions around the globe to join the world’s largest conversation on carbon pollution. This interactive experience explored the cost of carbon to our health, infrastructure, livelihoods, water, security, and communities on every continent. Audiences joined the conversation online to make #CostOfCarbon a globally trending hashtag on Twitter, and 128 viewing parties were organized around the world so that people could participate in the event together.

    The Cost of Carbon gave viewers a new way to learn what carbon pollution means for them personally and take action. An interactive web tool at showed users the costs they’re exposed to in their daily lives – and invites them to demand solutions from their leaders. And we’ll keep demanding too, until we’re no longer paying the cost of carbon pollution.



    As the world witnessed record droughts, heat waves, and massive storms, we presented 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report to introduce the concept of “dirty weather” and highlight how carbon pollution is leading to more frequent extreme weather events. The experience invited viewers to witness the dramatic consequences of carbon pollution through 70 short films from around the world capturing the real costs of inaction. The shareable nature of this content also enabled audiences to spread the word through their social networks, creating a world cultural event that attracted 16.8 million views, generated 165 million Twitter impressions, and got the hashtag #DirtyWeather trending globally.

    Case Study Video: 24 Hours of Reality 2012

    What You Can Do

    Watch & Share Watch this video and share it with your network.

    In November 2012, millions around the world tuned in to "24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report." Together we sent a message to the world's leaders: Dirty Energy has created a world of Dirty Weather. It's time to stop carbon pollution once and for all.

    Watch with me and learn about solutions that can change our future. - Leonardo DiCaprio


    In 2009, we saw international climate talks go nowhere in Copenhagen and carbon pricing stall in the U.S. Senate in 2010. Big Polluters and their allies were claiming victory, all while food kept getting scarcer, droughts kept getting worse, seas kept rising, and lives kept changing all around the world.

    It was time to do something. So, we created 24 Hours of Reality as a wakeup call to the world with a groundbreaking, global experience connecting the dots between extreme weather and carbon pollution. Audiences across the planet tuned in. So many, in fact, that we set a new world record for viewers of a live-streamed event: 8.6 million viewers. After watching 24 Hours, people were talking to their friends and family members. They were writing their legislators. They were taking action every way they could.

    The climate revolution was in motion once again.

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