The Price of Carbon

March 26, 2013 | 7:35 pm | , President & CEO, The Climate Reality Project

It’s past time for a real conversation about carbon pollution, and how much we are already paying. We know what’s happening, and we know why. But when talk finally turns to solutions, we always hear the same refrain: We can’t afford to do anything about climate change. The reality is that what we really can’t afford to do is nothing.

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We ♥ the EPA

February 14, 2013 | 4:15 pm | , Science and Solutions Director

Today, Lisa Jackson says goodbye to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the federal agency she ran for four years. We’d like to thank former Administrator Jackson for her service. But oh heck, we’re not shy: Consider this a bit of a Valentine’s Day card to Ms. Jackson and the entire EPA.


The National Climate Assessment: 4 years in the making

January 10, 2013 | 9:50 pm | , Research Associate

How many things can you name that only happen once every four years? Leap years, U.S. presidential elections, the Olympics …

If you’re an American who cares about climate change, there’s one more answer you should add to your list: the publication of the National Climate Assessment (NCA) — the most comprehensive report on climate change impacts in the States.


Balancing the (carbon) budget

September 14, 2012 | 2:00 pm | , Research Associate

How best to achieve a balanced budget is a topic of fierce debate, of course. But people on both sides of the political aisle seem to generally agree that a balanced budget is a good thing — that spending more than you’re bringing in isn’t sustainable, and comes with consequences, like debt. The same logic should be applied to our carbon budget.


Why it’s urgent

September 6, 2012 | 12:28 pm | , Research Associate

As climate activists, we feel it in our gut. Climate change is not only real, it is the challenge of our time. And it’s crucial that we act now — today, right this minute — to tackle it.


Ready to lead

August 29, 2012 | 1:27 pm | , Chief Program and Advocacy Officer

Last week, we finished an inspiring three-day training for our Climate Reality Leadership Corps. After meeting so many remarkable people and experiencing their passion, I couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead. Roughly a thousand dedicated volunteers added to their skill sets and have returned home better trained and more engaged than ever to lead the fight to solve the climate crisis.


Who are the new climate leaders?

August 23, 2012 | 1:00 pm | , Climate Leader Program Director

At this week’s training for the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, our new Climate Leaders are here for all kinds of reasons. They’re absorbing informative presentations about climate change, not the least from our Founder and Chairman, former Vice President Al Gore. But they’re also meeting other new leaders from all over the world, from countless different backgrounds and professions.