Climate Impacts Day: A chance to connect the dots

May 1, 2012 | 5:07 pm | , Director of Strategic Partnerships and Events

Climate change is happening now, and it’s up to all of us to connect the dots between the climate crisis and the extreme weather we’ve seen around the world. So we’re thrilled that in just a few days, our friends at are hosting Climate Impacts Day in order to share the message that climate change truly does affect us all.

On May 5, is asking that we stand in solidarity and contribute to their day of action. On their website, you’ll find events happening all over the world, and chances are there’s an event near your home. For example, in New Mexico, firefighters are going solar at their fire station, acknowledging that their dependence on coal is driving extreme weather events. In Alexandria, Egypt, youth activists will visit a historic castle that has been damaged by the rising sea.

Climate Reality has plenty of resources for you to use to help connect the dots. Check out our infographic on extreme weather and a warming climate. Watch the videos and read the journals from our expeditions to show the impacts of climate change all over the world. And check out the videos from our own event last fall, 24 Hours of Reality.

There is also still time for you to organize your own event: Just check out this organizing toolkit to see how. Be the one in your community to spread the word.

What are you doing for Climate Impacts Day?