The Facts: How Climate Change is Affecting America

February 5, 2013 | 3:40 pm | , Writer and Editor

We’re already paying a price for carbon pollution. Extreme weather costs us billions of dollars in damages. Climate change makes our food and water less secure, threatens our coastlines with sea level rise, damages our natural resources, and affects human health.

A great new resource for learning about the impacts of climate change in America is the draft National Climate Assessment. It breaks down the impacts by every region of the country — both the impacts we’re seeing today, and what we expect for the future.

Since it’s a big report, we’ve put together quick fact sheets on some of the major findings of the National Climate Assessment. Click on a fact sheet to find out how climate change is affecting your part of America, and share these facts with your friends and networks.

Remember: Climate change is already happening, but how much the climate changes in the future is up to us. The sooner and the more boldly we take action, the better we can protect our climate for generations to come.

Draft National Climate Assessment Fact Sheets (PDF)

National Overview

Northeast Region

Southeast Region & Caribbean

Southwest Region

Great Plains Region

Midwest Region

Northwest Region

Alaska and the Arctic

Hawaii & Pacific Islands