Video: A dust storm in the Texas sky

October 21, 2011 | 11:51 am | , Writer and Editor

Think that dust storms only happen in the Middle Eastern deserts? Think again: On Monday, the biggest U.S. dust storm in decades rolled through Lubbock, Texas. This eyewitness video must be seen to be believed:

The images are absolutely incredible. In the middle of what looks like a typical suburban housing development, a red “8,000-foot-high rolling dust cloud” rises up and covers the sky. The people filming the video are talking, but it becomes difficult to hear them over the wind.

This dramatic weather is happening in the midst of an extraordinary drought that has gripped the Southern United States for most of the year. In Texas alone, more than 90% of the state is now in extreme or exceptional drought.

It gets worse: Because of manmade global warming, prolonged droughts like this are expected to happen more often and get worse over time. A dust storm in Texas looks positively surreal — but our warming climate is simply a reality.

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