Get ready for the carbon smackdown

February 22, 2012 | 11:07 am | , Deputy Communications Director / Press Secretary

As you may have noticed, The Climate Reality Project blog has been full of content related to our Living on Thin Ice campaign. We are very proud of this campaign and the expeditions we have held around the world in places like the Sierra Nevada, Antarctica, Ecuador and New York. But meanwhile, our stellar Presenters are very busy bringing the reality of the climate crisis to communities all over the world.

On Feb. 27, Paul Reale is giving a Climate Reality Project presentation to kick off “The Carbon Squeeze,” a series of environmental events he is organizing with friends from his community. The first event is the announcement of a “game” to motivate people to reduce their carbon footprints. According to Paul: “It involves determining your initial score based on your carbon footprint, and you get points for actions we’ll suggest. It will be a series of environmental events occurring every six weeks or so.”

Carbon Squeeze events will include presentations from Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man; and Mark Gorton, a transportation expert. They will each introduce new actions people can take to reduce their carbon footprints. Taking these actions will increase the player’s score, and they will also have a community score, posted on a website. The next step is a “Carbon Smackdown” with another community! For more info, please go to their Facebook page.

This is just one example of the fun and innovative settings our Presenters are using to get the word out about the climate crisis.

If you would like to host a presentation in your community, visit our Presenters HQ.