Double Your Impact This Holiday Season

December 16, 2013 | 9:00 am | , President & CEO, The Climate Reality Project

When was the last time a friend gave you money to support something that mattered deeply to you?

We couldn’t remember either. And that’s why we’re so excited that one of our very generous supporters gave us that gift — to give back to you of course — for the holiday season.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to kick off our 2013 Matching Gift Challenge at the beginning of December. That means from now until midnight on December 31, your year-end, tax-deductible contribution will double in value.  

The thing is, the climate crisis affects all of us differently, but it affects all of us. And solving it will take all of us working together. I know in my home state of Colorado, we’re seeing the devastating effects of climate change firsthand. We’re experiencing wildfires that are burning hotter and wildfire seasons that are lasting longer. Earlier this year, biblical rainfall led to record flooding here in Boulder and communities all along the Front Range. Creeks became torrents, water coursed everywhere, and entire neighborhoods were submerged. Everyone was affected or knows someone who suffered.

This is an example of the cost of carbon pollution on a very personal level. And with more and more carbon being dumped into the atmosphere each day, unchecked and unregulated, we’re all likely to keep paying similar costs with more intense and frequent Dirty Weather events.

We have the solutions to address this crisis once and for all. We have the technology. And we have the willpower. We just need supporters like you to bring the world together and make sure our leaders know that we won’t stop until the solutions are implemented.

Today, you have the opportunity to help make this happen. You’ve heard about our work fighting denial in the media, training climate messengers to empower communities everywhere to act, and sharing the reality of climate change. Your gift today will help us expose twice as many climate myths, train twice as many messengers, and reach twice as many people with the truth of what’s happening to our planet. And that’s something special.

So this holiday season, give the planet you love a future without carbon pollution. We‘re asking our friends to help us raise $100,000 to do just that.

Make a gift today and make your impact go twice as far.

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