Hey DC: I’m. Too. Hot.

August 13, 2012 | 9:20 am | , Acting Deputy Digital Director

Can you feel the heat? Well you’re not alone, July was the hottest month in 118 years of U.S. records according to NOAA. In response to this blistering heat, we brought our #ImTooHot campaign to Austin, Texas to raise awareness of the connection between this weather and climate change.

The heat and droughts are certainly bad news. But here’s the good news: we had such a great response in Austin that we are bringing the campaign to another city! Starting this Tuesday, August 14, you can come cool down with our traveling ice cream truck in our nation’s capital: Washington, DC.

When you get to the truck, all you need to do is write a quick tweet, Facebook post or foursquare check-in that tells us how the heat has been impacting you. Use the hashtag #ImTooHot. Then join us to cool down with some free ice cream. It’s that easy. And while you’re out and about in DC, check out our freestanding wall mural, where you can add a message about how this heat has affected you.

But don’t just wander around Washington looking for us, follow us on Twitter for location updates so you’ll know when the #ImTooHot truck is near you.

Even if you’re not in DC, don’t worry because you can still join the conversation. Post your #ImTooHot stories to Twitter or Facebook! We’ll be watching the Twitter feed and retweeting the most creative, incisive and entertaining posts! If you want to read or share more about the extreme weather we’re seeing, check out our #ImTooHot blog series.