How to organize your own expedition

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This January, The Climate Reality Project is organizing expeditions all over the world to put a spotlight on the local impacts of climate change. Working with our partners, we are traveling everywhere from Nepal to Antarctica to Brooklyn, New York to document how climate change touches us all.

This winter, we invite you to join us by holding your own expeditions in your neighborhoods and local regions that have been, or will be, affected by climate change. Then upload pictures, video, and/or stories from your expedition to share how a warming planet is changing your community!

Simple Steps to Planning your own Expedition:

1. Choose your climate impact.
Think about and research how climate change will affect you and your community.

2. Choose a Location to learn how climate change will affect you.


  1. Contact your local Forest Service or National Park.
  2. Talk to your region’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office.
  3. Tour your region’s reservoir.
  4. Contact your local university’s Environmental Science department.
  5. Visit local beaches affected by sea level rise or ocean acidification.
  6. Visit environmental disaster sites such as a drought-stricken area, a burn site, or a flood area.
  7. Contact disaster preparedness organizations: FEMA, International Committee of the Red Cross, American Red Cross.
  8. Visit your area’s lake, reservoir or river.
  9. Tour a wastewater treatment plant.
  10. Witness a local climate impact: Shrinking permafrost in Alaska, sea level rise in areas such as the Mississippi Delta.
  11. Speak to a local farmer or farming community.
  12. Investigate the effects on sea life along the coast.
  13. Visit an aquarium.
  14. Make a temporal expedition: Listen to the oral history of climate impacts from longtime community members.
  15. Speak to public health officials: Contact the National Association of County and City Health Officials

Tip: Check out our Presenters page to find and invite a local presenter on your excursion!

3. Pick a date to go on your expedition.

4. Grab a group of friends to become your expedition crew!
Anyone who is interested can join you. Ask family members, friends, classmates, faith group members, scouting troops, sports groups or school clubs.

5. Print your flag.
And take it on your excursion! Tip: Don’t forget to take a photo of you and your flag!

6. GO!
Take photos and video to share with friends. Then post on our site.

7. Share your story.
Upload pictures, video and a journal entry sharing what you witnessed and learned about climate change’s effects on you and your community. Tell us: Where did your expedition go? Who did you go with? What did you see and discover about climate change?