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    We the people demand a price on carbon pollution.

    We are all paying for carbon pollution. We’re paying for it in dollars, in lives, in livelihoods, and in every way imaginable, and the truth is, we simply cannot afford to pay it any longer.

    As fossil fuel companies continue to fill our atmosphere with industrial carbon pollution, we experience longer droughts, deadlier storms, and more trips to the hospital. As we pay the price for their actions, these polluters rise to the top of the Fortune 500 list. The time has come to hold them accountable.  

    The People vs. Carbon is a campaign that’s bringing the world together to make carbon pollution history. It works by building support for landmark efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency and other local, state and federal efforts to regulate carbon pollution. These are important first steps towards putting a price on carbon, and to protect our future we all need to get behind them.  

    We Are All Paying the Cost of Carbon

    The world has awoken to the harsh reality of carbon pollution’s impacts on our planet. The time has come to hold the polluters accountable.

    So This is the Cost of Carbon Pollution

    What You Can Do

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    Rising sea levels. Prolonged drought. Biblical floods. These are just some of the ways we are all paying for carbon pollution. 

    The Way Forward

    We have solved great challenges before. We can solve this one as well. There is a path we can take that will lead us towards a better future. Let’s look at the solutions we have today to cut carbon pollution, beginning with a market price on carbon and a political price on denial.

    "The Way Forward"

    What You Can Do

    Watch & Share Watch this video and share it with your network.

    The solution to climate change is here, right now. And it will help reduce carbon pollution and make renewable energy -- like wind and solar power -- more affordable.

    Many have called for a price on carbon. Now we must act. - Jim Yong Kim President, World Bank Group
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