Put the #HeatOnDenial

The science is settled: Man-made carbon pollution is to blame for the climate crisis. But Big Oil and Big Coal are spending big money to spread lies about climate science. This summer, The Climate Reality Project plans to destroy persistent climate myths once and for all through our #HeatOnDenial campaign. And we need your help to do it. We’re counting on your support to fight denial and spread truth about climate change! Make the deniers feel the heat with some cold, hard facts.

Here’s How You Can Put The #HeatOnDenial:

Reality Drop

We’ve put the key science at your fingertips at RealityDrop.org, so you can set things straight whenever you see online articles repeating denier myths. Click here to drop some truth!

Social Media

Crank up the heat some more: Use Twitter to help spread the word using the hash tag #HeatOnDenial and like Climate Reality on Facebook for shareable climate change facts.


Write a Letter to the Editor

Turn the heat up with a letter to the editor. This is your a way to put the #HeatOnDenial by sharing the truth about climate change through your local newspaper. Here’s how anyone can take action. 


Put the Heat on TransCanada

President Obama has gone on record stating that he’ll only approve the Keystone XL pipeline if it doesn’t significantly contribute to climate change. Tell TransCanada’s CEO Russ Girling that you know his pipeline would be a catastrophe for the planet and that you are one of the millions of people using your voice to ensure our friends, families, and representatives hear the truth.

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Support Climate Truth

On September 18th, the U.S. House of Representatives is gathering the leaders of 13 federal agencies to grill them on their activities related to climate change. Use the power of social media to show your support for the president’s National Climate Action plan.