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Hour City Country Language Action
Hour 1 Mexico City Mexico Spanish
Hour 2 Boulder, CO United States English
Hour 3 Victoria Canada English
Hour 4 Kotzebue, AK United States English
Hour 5 Mangareva French Polynesia French
Hour 6 Hawaii United States English
Hour 7 Nukualofa Tonga Tongan
Hour 8 Auckland New Zealand English
Hour 9 Honiara Solomon Islands English
Hour 10 Canberra Australia English
Hour 11 Seoul South Korea Korean
Hour 12 Beijing China Mandarin
Hour 13 Jakarta Indonesia Bahasa
Hour 14 New Delhi India Hinglish
Hour 15 Islamabad Pakistan Urdu
Hour 16 Dubai UAE Arabic
Hour 17 Istanbul Turkey Turkish
Hour 18 Durban South Africa English
Hour 19 London England English
Hour 20 Husavik Iceland Icelandic
Hour 21 Praia Cape Verde Portuguese
Hour 22 Ilulissat Greenland English
Hour 23 Rio de Janeiro Brazil Portuguese
Hour 24 New York, NY United States English