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    Tell Congress: COVID-19 Is Not an Excuse to Pollute

    Most Americans have spent the past couple weeks focused on staying safe and protecting their families.

    President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency, on the other hand, has been working with fossil fuel companies to relax the regulations that protect the air we breathe and the planet we share.

    Last week, EPA announced it would not enforce pollution regulations for fossil fuel plants and other facilities indefinitely, effectively giving polluters a free pass. This week, EPA and the National Highway Transit Safety Administration finalized their rollback of the fuel efficiency standards supported by the majority of Americans.

    We know what comes next. Higher levels of air pollution, which experts warn could increase COVID-19 deaths. More global warming pollution accelerating climate change.

    The Trump Administration can’t use the excuse of COVID-19 to give polluters the green light to poison our air and environment, putting Americans in even greater danger during a pandemic. This isn’t simply irresponsible – it’s deeply immoral.

    If EPA won’t honor its own mission to protect human health and the environment, we call on Congress to act and stop Administrator Wheeler from putting our health in danger.