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    Tell Congress: Protect Workers and Families
    – Not Big Polluters

    America needs Congress to act on the coronavirus pandemic – and quickly.

    The stakes couldn’t be higher. Infections are skyrocketing and people are dying. More businesses are closing every day and millions have lost their jobs. And it’s hitting families living paycheck to paycheck especially hard.

    America needs help – but it’s got to be done right. We need a stimulus package that puts the sick, workers, low-income families, and frontline communities being hardest hit first. Not powerful corporations and big polluters that poison our communities and deepen inequality.

    Tell Congress to protect our families and rebuild our economy the right way. To take care of our sick, our healthcare heroes, and our struggling families and workers. To rebuild America with green jobs, clean energy, and green infrastructure that can put millions to work and create a healthy and just future for us all.

    We’ve got to act fast. But we’ve got to do it right and put families and workers first.

    Take Action Today

    • With Congress considering stimulus measures now, our window for action is short.
    • Email your senators and representative today to demand that any stimulus bill:
    • Puts people first and ensures access to treatment for everyone who needs it, regardless of status.
    • Supports the heroic medical and public health professionals confronting this crisis head on.
    • Prioritizes low-income families and frontline communities, with financial assistance for struggling families and mandatory paid sick leave for all.
    • Supports the renewable energy and efficiency sector that puts over 3 million Americans to work and increases investment in green infrastructure.
    • Increases community resilience and responsiveness in the face of both public health crises and environmental crises.
    • Requires big polluters like airlines to significantly cut emissions with any bailout.
    • Doesn’t bail out the fossil fuel companies driving the climate crisis and poisoning our communities.