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    Tell Your Senator: No Vote Until Inauguration

    What's at stake in the US Supreme Court confirmation isn't just the future of the Court. It's the future of the Earth.

    We can't afford a rushed confirmation in violation of the Senate's own precedent. Not with our planet on the line. Not with the health of billions at stake. And especially not with a nominee who says she doesn’t have “firm views” on the climate crisis – despite the overwhelming scientific evidence. 

    With just 10 years left to avert catastrophic climate change, we need bold action from every level of government to slash emissions and accelerate a just transition to clean energy. It's that simple.

    Of course, the fossil fuel industry will be doing everything in its power to fight this every step of the way.

    With her long-running ties to the oil and gas industry and troubling record on issues related to the environment, Judge Amy Coney Barrett has the potential to single-handedly stop the US from aggressively fighting the climate crisis that threatens us all. To send a message to the global community that the world's largest economy is sitting this one out, undermining climate action across the planet.

    One person with the power to potentially decide the fate of billions. Tell your senators to “NO VOTE” until after the inauguration.