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    We Are the Climate Majority:
    We Demand Action Now

    Maybe our leaders can’t see the climate crisis transforming the Earth.

    But we can.
    We’ve seen the wildfires scorching Australia, the heatwaves baking India, and the hurricanes battering Texas.
    And we know it’s time to act.

    We are the Climate Majority.
    We’re the seven out of 10 Americans who want real action from our government.
    We’re the millions worldwide who refuse to give our children a future of deadly weather and disappearing water.

    We don’t fit into any one box.
    We’re ambitious progressives and small-government conservatives.
    We’re everywhere from farming towns to bustling cities.
    We have the energy of youth. We speak with the voice of experience.
    Together, we have the numbers to win.

    We don’t agree on everything.
    But we all know this much:
    The future of the Earth and everyone we love is on the line.
    The solutions are in our hands.
    So we’re coming together to send a message to our leaders:
    Take climate action now.