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    April 26, 2018 | 8:43 AM

    Statement from Ken Berlin, President and CEO of The Climate Reality Project, on Scott Pruitt’s Congressional Hearings

    “Time and again, Scott Pruitt has proven himself deeply unqualified to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, our most important lines of defense against the abuse of our air, land, and water. His skewed agenda has placed the profits of fossil fuel executives above the health and safety of the American people, making it easier for polluters to exploit and harm the environment with harmful consequences to many Americans. Perhaps most alarmingly, Mr. Pruitt’s rhetoric has obscured the reality of the climate crisis and impaired meaningful action in the US at a time when the planet has no time to waste.

    “Scott Pruitt never should have been named EPA Administrator, and we urgently need a leader committed to a strong EPA and science-based policy that effectively protects our air, land, water, and climate. It’s time for the administration and Congress to get it right.”